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Have your patients call us, or fax over a prescription for new equipment. The bottom line is that your patient will be happier and more compliant with a new CPAP and accessories. In Home Respiratory carries the widest and most up-to-date range of equipment available for CPAP therapy. Give us a try. The following is a list of equipment used for In Home Respiratory patients based on quality, performance and customer feedback:

Masks - Purtian Bennett Breeze with Mask or Nasal Pillows • ResMed Swyft ResMed Vista/Activa • ResMed UltraMirage
Respironics ProLite & Full Face Mask • Respironics ComfortGel

CPAP- Puritan Bennett- GoodKnight 420G
Puritan Bennett- GoodKnight 420S (with download technology)
Puritan Bennett- GoodKnight 420E (with auto titration)
Respironics- REMstar Plus with cflex
Respironics- REMstar Pro with cflex (Smartcard technology)BiPAP
Purtian Bennett- GoodKnight 425

Respironics- PRO 2 with Bi-Flex

Heated humidifiers, chin straps and other accessories are also
readily available. We can easily special order any piece of
equipment not listed.

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